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The rewards

Shortcut to Success

With a franchise you will be following a proven system that creates growth and profits, which are both uncapped and highly rewarding. Franchising is essentially a business in a box, with training, security and full support from a knowledgeable franchisor.

Proven Business

At The Reluctant Salesman we have a proven business formula that will form the basis on which your franchise operates. When you buy a franchise you buy a system. We have already-established systems in place that you will follow, these systems are designed to improve overall productivity and increase sales. We will teach you how to identify your target markets, generate leads using our proven techniques, convert them into paying clients and maximise your profits all from day one.

The Territory

You will be provided with a large territory giving you the opportunity to build a sizable business over the coming years and maximise your full potential.  Only you will be able to operate and market within your chosen territory.

Earning Potential

We have listed below the potential earning figures we would expect you to achieve in the first three years. These figures are very conservative and we would expect that with hard work and ambition they could be greatly exceeded. We will provide you with a full breakdown of the figures at your franchise meeting.

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3

These figures are potential earning figures. No guarantee of actual earnings can be given.

Creating the freedom to sell

"Terry delivered Sales coaching, mentoring and training to some of my business clients. The feedback from these clients was excellent and proved that Terry makes a real difference to the sales success of businesses."
- Diana Lobb, Leadership & Management Adviser for Business Link, Peninsula Enterprise.

“Brilliant! Are you a hypnotist? A revelation! It works! It has altered the whole way I work. Bottle it and sell more.”
- Fiona Vigar, FIV Architecture

“Terry made me look at sales in a completely different way. Highly recommended.”
- Marie Leggo, Ridgeberry Design

“Terry does exactly what it says on the tin – makes selling simple. 
He breaks down all the barriers, clears away the fog, and gives the profession of selling some much needed honesty and integrity. 
No matter how experienced you are in sales, time spent with Terry is invaluable.”
- Jeremy Squibb, Serenity Financial Planning

“Terry has a clear message and a straightforward method of conveying it. The skills he brings to sales training are essential for any business to learn. I would definitely recommend Terry to any client, friend or member of family because he is a great person too. If you want to create the freedom to sell – you should contact him.”
- Matthew Clarke, Kernow Pods

“Terry has helped me to see beyond the cliches of sales and focus on what is important to aid my business. Straight-forward coaching, advice and encouragement with no “one size fits all” attitude.”
- Adrian Taylor, Aawen Design