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The opportunity

The Reluctant Salesman training has at its heart four simple principles:

  • Selling is a life skill not a business skill.
  • Selling is simple.
  • Anyone can sell effectively.
  • Sales success is not dependent upon any external forces.

In the last decade individuals and businesses from all sectors have benefitted from our training. Academic bodies including The University of Plymouth regularly book business degree students and their own staff on to our training programmes.

Professional service providers represent one of our most profitable business areas. Particularly receptive to The Reluctant Salesman approach, this group, highly qualified and high earning, includes financial advisors, designers, IT specialists and management consultants.

They are, by definition, reluctant salespeople: aware that they need to sell, they recognise that traditional approaches to selling are not appropriate for the complex and individual services they offer their clients.

The Reluctant Salesman training programme has, time and again, proved it meets the needs of this group. We operate with the support of bodies such as The Personal Finance Society, The Royal Institute of British Architects and The Chartered Institute of Insurers, and are proud of our consistent 98% “Excellent” ratings.

Our History

2005 – 2006 Terry first began coaching small and medium sized businesses in London, drawing on over 20 years of sales experience. This was very much a part-time venture that ran alongside his work as a freelance salesperson.

From the outset Terry approached sales training in the same way that he had carried out sales. His ontological perspective centred on it being far moreimportant who a salesperson was ‘being,’ rather than what they were ‘doing’. In terms of creating a training model this was significant because The Reluctant Salesman training was targeting business people who resisted selling in itstraditional form. Terry’s new sales paradigm resonated with this group and by December 2006 the business was incorporated and became The Reluctant Salesman Ltd.

2007 – Growing organically through networking and recommendations, The Reluctant Salesman training courses were being held regularly in London. Terry, wanting to take the concept further, started developing “Creating the Freedom to Sell” at this time. This would one day become an eBook and audio training resource.

2008 – 2011 - Relocating to Cornwall, Terry rolled out the training to the South West of England. Still working on other projects, he expanded The Reluctant Salesman programme to include consultancy projects and a public speaking strand.

2012 – present day – The Reluctant Salesman training programme has continued to reach an ever-growing audience, enjoying growth and benefitting from considerable financial investment. In January 2013, “Creating the Freedom to Sell” was published as an eBook and this was soon followed by an audio version of the training programme.

The last twelve months have seen a complete rebrand with a new .com website and course workbooks, support material and branded PowerPoint presentations.

Recent initiatives include the addition of a one-day workshop entitled “10 New Clients” and a “Grow the Practice” sales and acquisition package.

Income Streams:

Training Programs
Delivered in-house or as an open event.

Delivered in-house or as an open event.

Ongoing support provided on-line or by visit and billed monthly.

Speaking Engagements
Raises awareness and high income. 

Products Books and CD’s for direct sales, commission on eBooks sales, ’10 New Clients’ eBook will be added in July 2014

Franchise Sales
Selling on the franchise opportunity (Master Franchise holders only)


The Reluctant Salesman Ltd is transforming the traditional sales paradigm one client at a time.